CNA Classes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lend a helping hand to those in need through patient care?  Some of our students have asked themselves that very question.  They now have the opportunity to learn how to properly do that through college courses offered here at THS.   How amazing is that?

Our school nurse, Jamie Brummond (RN, BSN, ARNP, WHNP-BC), has the credentials to teach our students through Northeast Community College.  She recently answered a few questions about the program.

 - Why were these classes brought to T-H? 
Previously it was difficult for someone to schedule and take these classes out of town.  Having the ability to take the classes right here in school during the day is a great opportunity for these students.

 - What all will be covered in this CNA class? 
This class is all about the skills and terminology needed to help provide safe and effective care for others.  These skills can be used in any health care setting.  Some of the skills they learn include taking vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature, helping others with daily care such as personal hygiene and nutrition. After completing the class, these students will be ready to take a state test to become a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  CNA's can work in nursing homes, hospitals, home health, clinics and more. 

 - What is the overall goal of the classes being offered here at Tekamah-Herman Schools?
The goal is to make sure the students understand and are ready to help care for the needs of others emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, and mentally in any health care setting according to the requirements of both federal law and Nebraska State law of nursing assistants.  They will be ready to provide safe care and demonstrate knowledge of medical abbreviations and terms.  They will have a basic understanding of the structure and function of each body system. 

Current CNA students gave a little insight as to why they wanted to enroll in the college course offered here at THS this year.  Senior, Kennedy Pagels aspires to become a physician assistant.  She thought this would be a great start to her medical schooling.  One of her favorite things she has learned so far has been learning how to take vital signs. 

Senior, Logan Birdsong enrolled in the class looking for experience in the medical field.  He said the convenience and cost also played factors in it.   Logan's most favorite/fun learning experience thus far has been performing the Heimlich maneuver and working with the manikin.

Junior, Alicia Clark is also looking forward to going into the medical field as a physician assistant.  She is taking this course to get the feel of the medical field.  She would like to go into pediatrics.  Patient vitals has been high on her list of things she has enjoyed within the class so far. 

Junior, Preslee Hansen has liked learning how to take patient blood pressures.  Her hope is that this class brings her a general feel for the medical field with dreams of becoming a physician assistant as well. 

All current CNA students have worked with their patient "Payton" on patient care.  Students work throughout the course within their textbooks too and will finish with both skills and written tests.

Currently we are offering Nursing Assistant class in the fall semester and Medication Aide class in the spring semester.  These are college credit classes through Northeast Community College.