Title I

Tekamah-Herman Elementary Schoolwide Title Plan 2023-2024

Tekamah-Herman Elementary has 273 students in a kindergarten through sixth grade building. The district also provides a preschool that educates 21 children. Tekamah- Herman school district is 269 square miles. The average class size is 39 students with a certified staff of 24 and a paraprofessional staff of ten. The mobility rate is 11%. The poverty level at Tekamah-Herman is approximately 46%. The students of Tekamah- Herman Elementary are generally from the same cultural background, and are a mix of rural and town students. Our community members usually work within a 60-mile radius of the school.

The staff used data from several sources to determine the needs of our students. NSCAS scores, MAP scores, Acadience Reading and Math results, and EL Assessments have determined the goals for improvement. The Tekamah-Herman Elementary plan is to improve reading comprehension and fluency scores and math scores.

Analysis of data from NSCAS testing indicates a fluctuation in scores. Our goal is to reduce the number of students in the “Developing” area and increase the number of students in the “On Track” and “CCR Benchmark” areas in both reading comprehension and fluency and math.

The plan for Tekamah-Herman Elementary will include segments for math and reading. The interventions used to improve reading comprehension and fluency are: Orton-Gillingham, UFLI Foundations, Acadience Progress Monitoring, A-Z Reading, Language for Learning, daily fluency practice, and teacher generated lessons based on MAP and EL Education indicators. The interventions used to improve math scores are: Acadience Progress Monitoring, daily fluency practice, IXL, Xtramath, and teacher generated lessons based on MAP and Acadiance indicators.

The reading and math Title teachers will work with students as needed. The Title teachers will be able to push into classrooms to be a team with the teacher in the classroom. Students may need small group or individual attention, also. Our students will learn in a variety of settings.

Our mission statement is Tekamah-Herman Schools, parents, and communities will provide a safe environment for learners to develop academic, technological and life skills needed to be career and/or college ready. Our Vision is empowering Learners to contribute to a changing world. The motto for 2023-2024 is LOVE. The Title program will reflect these statements.