Yesterday, May 24th, our elementary students got to meet their new teachers in their new classrooms for the 2021-2022 school year!  He are some pictures of the day.

Mrs. Palmer's current preschool classes eating lunch in preparation for next year in Kindergarten.  Super fun!

Mrs. Eriksen's Kindergarten

Mrs. Bridges' Kindergarten

Mrs. Rogers' 1st Grade

Mrs. Hansen's 1st Grade

Mrs. Gibson's 2nd Grade

Mrs. O'Mara's 2nd Grade

Mrs. Nathan's 3rd Grade

Mr. Burnett's 3rd Grade

Mrs. Braniff's 4th Grade

Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade

Mrs. Loftis' 5th Grade

Mrs. Ray's 5th Grade

Mrs. Carlson's 6th Grade

Mrs. Fleischman's 6th Grade

Have a great SUMMER!