Auto Class

This past week, Tekamah-Herman’s automotive classroom received a welcome donation from Sid Dillon in Blair. The local car dealer donated two vehicles to the high school shop program: A 2001 Lincoln Town Car and a 2003 Ford Taurus. Currently, Tekamah-Herman Schools offers four classes that will benefit from this generous donation: Small Engines, Basic Auto, Engine Tune-Up and Automotive Mechanics. The students will have the luxury of using these vehicles for hands-on experiences to compliment the current class curriculum. 

Currently, this program is managed and taught by Chris Fleischman. At the beginning of the 2023-24 school year, Fleischman took on a new role as the automotive and welding career readiness teacher. Fleischman currently enrolls 38 students who are engaged in learning about the automotive field, potentially sparking a career in a rapidly growing industry.  

Fleischman was able to secure the donation by partnering with his local salesman. The two discussed what Fleischman needed, and Sid Dillon Chevy was gracious enough to find two vehicles that were able to meet the needs of his program. 

Fleischman added, “Automotive technical education will give students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills that they can use in their career. They'll learn about everything from engine maintenance to transmission repairs and will be able to put this knowledge to use as soon as they enter adulthood. Even if students don't do their own repairs or maintenance, just having the smallest amount of car knowledge could help them make better car-buying and maintenance decisions the rest of their lives." 

Thank you, Sid Dillon for supporting the Tekamah-Herman Schools Career Education Center programs.

Auto class

auto class

auto class

auto class