Mike Davis

Are you one of several that have been wondering who the new face around THS is?  Well, let us tell you.    

We have a gift that has been offered to the THS Class of 2024.  A gift that comes from an alum that will be celebrating his 50th year reunion in May 2024.  That alumnus is none other than the well accomplished-Mike Davis.      

Mike graduated Tekamah-Herman in 1974 and has spent his career telling stories through photography.  He has told those stories while working at National Geographic, The White House and with five different newspapers, as well as during his faculty status at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School.  Mike now holds emeritus professor status at Syracuse University.  Such wonderful lifetime accomplishments.      

Mr. Davis is hoping to depict the story of this year’s seniors and, through them, capture a time capsule of the school along with broader aspects of life in Tekamah.  While first thinking he would spend a few days here and there, capturing these moments, Mike, in fact, will spend more time here than anticipated.      

The famous photographer has appeared in classrooms, at special events and just soaking up the daily grind of our athletics here at Tekamah-Herman.  You can find him chatting with staff or sneaking a shot with a quick raise of the camera.  Mike blends into the surroundings like a tiger in the night.  He’s quiet, but stellar at what he does.    

Before too long, Mr. Davis will soon be the life of the party.  The graduation party, that is.  Mike has hopes of his photography taken throughout the year being a compilation with a yearbook-like presentation.  He has been here photographing the life of school as it happens, for a few months now.  While there has certainly been no interruption to the educational flow of each day, Mike has been merely documenting it.    

It's so wonderful for someone who grew up here in Tekamah long ago, to donate their time and energy to making this a year to remember for not only our seniors, but all other students, staff and community as well.      

Once a tiger, always a tiger.



📷: Mike Davis