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Tekamah-Herman Inclusive Playground Project is off and running! 

At Tekamah-Herman, we're committed to ensuring that every child, regardless of their abilities, can play, learn, and grow together. Our Inclusive Playground Project aims to break down barriers and make inclusivity the core of our school and community. Picture children of all abilities swinging side by side, sliding down accessible slides, and exploring tailored climbing structures that fostering a sense of joy, creativity, and lifelong friendships. The organizing committee has already secured over 33% of our $350,000 goal, and with local support, construction could start as early as the summer of 2024.

Our Vision

At Tekamah-Herman, we believe that every child, regardless of their abilities, deserves a place where they can play, learn, and grow together. Our vision is to create an inclusive playground that fosters joy, friendship, and endless opportunities for exploration. With your generous support, we can transform our dreams into reality!

Why an inclusive playground?

It's simple—because inclusivity is the heart of a thriving school and community. This playground is designed to break down barriers, ensuring that all children can actively participate and experience the wonders of childhood. By providing equipment that accommodates children of varying physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities, we are creating an environment where no child feels left out.

Imagine the laughter and excitement that will fill the air as children of all abilities swing side by side, soar down accessible slides, and conquer climbing structures tailored to their unique needs. With interactive sensory elements, inclusive swings, and imaginative play zones, this playground will be a place of joy, creativity and friendship that will last a lifetime.

How is the school involved on this project?

Tekamah-Herman Public Schools and Tekamah-Herman Public Schools Foundation have both committed to being lead donors for this project.

Campaign Goals

Fundraising Goal

Total project costs are estimated at approximately $350,000. The committee has begun to build a broad base of local support in order to qualify for external grants. The goal is to raise these funds by December 31, 2023. The team has already secured commitments and donations totaling over 33% of this fundraising goal. (UPDATE: As of November 11th, the fundraising goal has hit 55%!)

Projected Construction

With the generous support of our community, construction could begin as early as summer of 2024.

Who is leading this effort?

The team leading this project includes volunteer parents, teachers, and community members who have partnered with the Tekamah-Herman Public Schools Foundation. After receiving multiple bids, vising other inclusive playgrounds, and discussing multiple options with all stakeholders, we have discovered this capital campaign is the most effective route to support the physical and mental health of our students.

Committee members include Sydney Brummond, Ashton Santiago, Amanda Hansen, Alexis Gibson, Sheryl Stansberry, Abby Mathistad, Sarah Chatt, and Anders Olson.

How Can I Make a Difference?

There are multiple ways you can make a help with this project!

Make a donation - Your tax-deductible gift will be instrumental in purchasing the specialized equipment required for an inclusive playground. No contribution is too small, and every donation counts!

Corporate Sponsorship - We welcome businesses and organizations to become valued partners in our endeavor. Sponsorship opportunities not only showcase your commitment to inclusivity but also provide invaluable exposure within the community.

Spread the Word - Share our mission with friends, family, and colleagues who believe in the power of inclusivity. Together, we can make an even greater impact by raising awareness and inspiring others to support this worthy cause.

Click here for a video on inclusive play.

Please contact Sydney Brummond via email at sydneyhansen80@gmail.com or by phone at 402.870.1409 if you have any questions.

To donate to the Tekamah-Herman Inclusive Playground Project, please visit Tekamah-Herman Schools Foundation here.

Checks can be made payable to Tekamah-Herman Schools Foundation and dropped off at the school or with any committee member. (Sydney Brummond, Ashton Santiago, Amanda Hansen, Alexis Gibson, Sheryl Stansberry, Abby Mathistad, Sarah Chatt, and Anders Olson)